Why hire Elite Detectives?

Your case will be handled with total confidentiality

Our lead investigator in an ex-Police Detective

Regular progress reports and breakdowns

Advisories for specialist circumstances

What we can do

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Trust us to uncover the truth

Call us on 0800 772 3799 to speak with a Private Investigator

Introducing Elite Detectives



Call us on 0800 772 3799 to speak to a Private Investigator.

We undertake bespoke investigations tailored to cater the needs and requirements of all.

Our experienced investigators use the latest in surveillance technology and techniques.

Elite detectives offer bespoke tracking packages designed to cost-effectively gather information.

Are you worried an employee is stealing from the business? Insurance Fraud? Look no further - We can cater for a range of situations.

Outlining our service

Is an employee subject to investigation? Do you require surveillance to get the evidence for your case? Elite Detectives have the technological capability and knowledge to investigate your case.

Are you worried that your partner is unfaithful? Need help? Call us on 

We will trace people on a no find, no fee basis.

We provide a Fixed cost Process Serving and Debtor Tracing Service. We can serve your legal documents and provide coverage throughout England and wales.