Our Surveillance Agents are diverse and come from a variety of Police, Military and Investigative backgrounds.‚Äč

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Elite Detectives specialise in Agents of Ethnic Minority who can speak a variety of languages. This means that we can understand and empathise with your situation and blend into the background in Diverse Areas. Asian wedding cost thousands of pounds and you may have suspicions that the future bride or groom has a shady background. We can offer bespoke Surveillance packages in order to gain the lifestyle of an individual. We offer our surveillance services if the criteria for legislation governing an individual’s privacy has been met.


You can have confidence that such investigations will be legal when you choose us

Partner Investigation overview

Everybody is governed by the Human Rights Act and ensure that we abide by all legislation to protect everybody involved. Article 8 is a qualified right and as such the right to a private and family life and respect for the home and correspondence may be limited.  So while the right to privacy is engaged in a wide number of situations, the right may be lawfully limited. Any limitation must have regard to the fair balance that has to be struck between the competing interests of the individual and of the community as a whole. 

In accordance with the Law

In particular, any limitation must be:


  • in accordance with law;
  • necessary and proportionate; and
  • for one or more of the following legitimate aims:


o   the prevention of disorder or crime;

o   the protection of health or morals; or

o   the protection of the rights and freedoms of others

How is it done?

For most surveillance operations where the “Target” uses a regular vehicle, we will covertly fit a tracker. Once fitted, we will have information on everywhere the vehicle goes, where the vehicle stops, how long the vehicle stayed there, the route taken to get there and all of this will be with accurate timings. The agents can monitor this data on Laptops, Tablets and their Phones. Once a “lifestyle” of the “Target” has been gained, we can anticipate areas and addresses that they are likely to visit. We combine physical surveillance alongside the technical surveillance, thus requiring less agents and reducing the costs. Our Agents use the latest technology to capture the evidence you need.  


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